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tvQuickActions is a button/key mapper developed specially for TV devices. Supports Android TV, Google TV and AOSP on most devices.
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Sep 3, 2023
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tvQuickActions is a button/key mapper developed specially for TV devices. Supports Android TV, Google TV and AOSP on most devices.
One of main unique features allows you to assign up to 5 actions to the button of your remote and add a lot of useful functions to your device.
* Dock with apps like in macOS/iPadOS
* Recent apps on any device (include kill apps)
* Custom menus with any actions
* User ADB commands as actions
* Mouse toggle on any remote
* Sleep timer
* Dialpad
* Screen recording
* Night mode (screen dimming)
* Bluetooth manager
* Media control panel
* Quick change TV input
* Autoframerate feature for Amlogic devices based on Android 9-11
* Support remapping Netflix button on Xiaomi and TiVo Stream 4K devices
* Support remapping app buttons on Xiaomi Mi Stick 4K and other devices

In addition you can set actions on power on, sleep entering or exiting, create custom channels for Android TV home from menus and lock apps.

So it looks like the most interesting mapper for TV devices. Even if you don't have a button you don't need, there is a button that is rarely used. And with a double click, you can perform its usual action.

You can also choose from different actions:
* Open app or app’s activity
* Shortcuts & intents
* Keycode
* Open power dialog
* Go home
* Open recents
* Go to previous app
* Open the Voice Assistant (both voice or keyboard interaction)
* Toggle WiFi
* Toggle Bluetooth
* Toggle Play/pause media
* Fast forward/rewind
* Next/previous track
* Open media control panel (with play, pause, stop, next/previous track)
* Take a screenshot (Android 9.0+)
* Open a URL
* Open settings

App uses AccessibilityService API to remap button (basic requirement for remapping to work, It is needed so the app can listen to and block keyevents) and AutoFrameRate (it is needed to get views on screen and emulate presses to automatize mode selecting).

Some actions may not work on your device. It depends on many factors such as your firmware, Android version etc. Please notify the developer if something goes wrong and refrain from giving the app a poor rating since the issue is often out of the developer's control.

What's new

* Now constraints for remapping work only with enabled usage access permission
* Added clock and weather widget to "Features"
* You can now use "framerate panel" and "mode for app" on devices with native AFR
* You can now set type, flags and extras for intents
* Cursor can be shown as arrow and cursor speed is configurable
* Fixes and improvements



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